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Vision Statement

As Democrats, we envision a community where all people are safe, secure and valued; a community where all people will have living wages, protection of individual liberties, equal rights, strong public education, affordable quality of healthcare, fair elections and clean air and water.

Mission Statement

To support the Democratic Party. To encourage Senior Democrats to have an active interest in governmental affairs. To educate voters about issues of particular concern to senior citizens. To work to elect Democrats to public office. To promote the highest degree of justice, human welfare, and happiness for the people of our country, state, and nation. To increase and promote fellowship in political action among Senior Democrats and with others working for the success of the Democratic Party. To support the county party by raising sufficient funds to purchase a permanent headquarters for the party in Henderson County.

Leadership Team

PZ170126 Maybe Better.jpg

From left to right:

Don Reid, Vice President

Alan Edick, Secretary

Rose Stone, President

Gayle Wayne, Treasurer

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