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The May meeting will be on Wednesday, May 18.


.  We will meet at Mike's Pizza and Pasta at 805 Spartanburg Highway.  The meeting begins at 1:00 pm, but we hope that you will join us for lunch and discussion prior to the meeting.

We would appreciate it if you would bring your 2022 dues with you if you haven't contributed them yet.  Our dues remain at only $15.00 per year.  Thanks

Upcoming Meeting

We hope to have two speakers this month.

We will welcome Blair Myhand, the Chief of the Hendersonville Police Department.

The second speaker will be Hendersonville City Councilwoman Lyndsey Simpson.  Lyndsey had agreed to be a speaker last month, but unfortunately she injured her foot a few days before our April meeting, and was told to stay off of it for a few weeks.  Lyndsey is the Mayor Por Tempore (Assistant Mayor) and will talk to us about the Council and upcoming events, etc.